This pastoral station is in the southern part of Shark Bay World Heritage Area on limestone-dominated landscapes. The main attraction of Tamala Station is the low lying coastline and waters of Henri Freycinet Harbour.

Many visitors only cross this property on their way to Steep Point but some spend time here camping, fishing and exploring the prongs and peninsulas.

Tamala Station allows access to the general public but you must first contact the station managers for bookings. Most sites are near beaches and provide access to the water for small boats but there are locked gates and you will need to collect keys before proceeding to your camp site. Visit for details.

Fishing, Boating & Kayaking
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With easy access to the shallow and protected waters of Henri Freycinet Harbour, the coastline of Tamala Station is becoming popular for people with boats and kayaks.

You can visit the small island nature reserves on day trips but please don’t light fires, disturb the bird life or bring pets to these islands. Camping is not permitted on any of the islands.

Keen kayakers can paddle for days around the many bays and islands in this part of Shark Bay. Contact the Parks and Wildlife office in Denham when planning such a trip.

When Visiting Stations
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  • Leave all gates as you find them.
  • Please don’t disturb stock or interfere with watering points and station equipment.
  • Driving in the bush destroys vegetation and animals’ homes. Respect efforts to rehabilitate disused tracks and degraded sites that have been closed by keeping to the main tracks only.
  • All motor bikes, including quad bikes, are not permitted.
  • Reducing tyre pressure will help avoid getting bogged and help maintain the condition of tracks.
  • Camp only in designated areas.
  • Take all of your rubbish with you.
  • Fish offal should be disposed of in the bay, away from the shore.
  • Portable toilets are essential for all campers to bring with them.   A dump point is provided on each peninsula for black water disposal.
  • Pets are allowed with permission only.
  • Firewood must be brought in with you and not taken from the local environment. A ‘no fire’ policy may be introduced to prevent continuing degradation.
  • Firearms are not permitted.
  • No chainsaws allowed.