Ecological restoration programs in Shark Bay began in 1990 with the reintroduction of greater stick-nest rats to Salutation Island, and the purchase of a large pastoral station on Peron Peninsula and subsequent destocking.

Shark Bay’s inclusion on the World Heritage list in 1991 for its natural values, the gazettal of Francois National Park in 1993 and launch of Project Eden in 1995 followed. Much research was undertaken in the ensuing years to assist wildlife management in Shark Bay.

In 2016 there have been nine surveys on Bernier and Dorre islands since 2006, and 18 surveys of greater stick-nest rat on Salutation Island since they were reintroduced to the island in 1990. On Dirk Hartog Island six surveys were conducted between 2005 and 2011. Numerous wildlife surveys have also been conducted on Peron Peninsula since 1997.

Many of these programs were important to Project Eden and are now integral to the Dirk Hartog Island Return to 1616 ecological restoration project.

Project Eden
Dirk Hartog Island Return to 1616