Zuytdorp Cliffs south of Steep Point

Zuytdorp Cliffs

The Zuytdorp Cliffs form an almost unbroken 200 kilometre arc between Steep Point and Kalbarri. They rise up to 200 metres out of the Indian Ocean and were named after the Zuytdorp, a Dutch ship wrecked on the cliffs in 1712.

From Steep Point you can follow the cliffs along the most westerly edge of Edel Land for more than 20 kilometres.

Waves rolling onto False Entrance beach

South Passage & Shelter Bay

Leeward of the Zuytdorp cliffs are crescent shaped beaches and relatively sheltered campsites from where small boats can be launched for fishing and diving.

May to October is the most popular time but the area’s popularity can make it difficult to get a campsite so book early.

Blowhole explanation on sign at Thunder Bay


The cliffs come to life when massive waves crash against them, in places pushing up to the surface via blowholes. You can visit blowholes at False Entrance and just north of Thunder Bay.

False Entrance

False Entrance was so named because early mariners thought it was the entrance to Shark Bay between Dirk Hartog Island and Steep Point. Anglers fish from the exposed point for mackerel and other pelagic species in much the same way as at Steep Point.