The microbial mats and stromatolites of Hamelin Pool are among the most diverse in the world and show what marine ecosystems would have looked like three billion years ago. Life... Read More

Hamelin Pool

Hamelin Pool is home to the most diverse and abundant examples of stromatolites in the world. Also referred to as 'living fossils', stromatolites are living representatives of life over 3500... Read More

Volunteering at Monkey Mia

Are you interested in dolphins? Would you like to spend four mornings getting to know a group of these marine mammals? Are you at least 16 years old? If you... Read More

Meet the Monkey Mia Dolphins

More than 2,000 dolphins inhabit Shark Bay and about 300 live in the waters around Monkey Mia. The dolphins at Monkey Mia are Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins, a sub-species of the... Read More

Dolphin History

In the 1960s fishers returning to Monkey Mia began sharing their catch with some of the dolphins. Over the years trust grew with more dolphins being fed at the jetty... Read More

Dolphin Experience

For more than 50 years, large groups of wild Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins have visited the shallows at Monkey Mia. This encounter is one of the world’s great wildlife experiences and... Read More

Camping Areas

Camping areas are located at Big Lagoon, Gregories, South Gregories, Bottle Bay and Herald Bight. All are close to beaches and there is no booking system. The busiest times are... Read More

Cape Peron & Skipjack Point

Cape Peron has spectacular views where red dunes meet brilliant white beaches that dip into turquoise waters. You can also see the confluence of two major currents at this northerly... Read More

Peron Heritage Precinct

The Peron Heritage Precinct shows how life was during the pastoral days. A self-guided walk around the precinct explains the history and operation of the shearing shed, shearer’s quarters and... Read More

Shark Bay Marine Reserve

Over 70% of the Shark Bay World Heritage Area is marine and many of the reasons for Shark Bay’s World Heritage listing are within these waters. The shallow and mostly... Read More