Steep Point Ranger PMB Useless Loop WA 6537 Ph: 08 9948 3993 Fax: 08 9948 3963 Email: Radio channels: UHF 16, 27 Meg 68, VHF 16

Places to See

Zuytdorp Cliffs south of Steep Point Zuytdorp Cliffs The Zuytdorp Cliffs form an almost unbroken 200 kilometre arc between Steep Point and Kalbarri. They rise up to 200 metres out... Read More


Arguably some of the best land based fishing in Australia occurs at Steep Point. Mackerel, trevally and even sailfish are caught off Steep Point’s cliffs, especially during summer. However this... Read More


NOTE: For those travelling through to Dirk Hartog Island National Park, see contacts to call or email the Steep Point Ranger and book your pre-barge campsite. To book a campsite, visit... Read More


Nanga Bay on the western side of Peron Peninsula is a beachside resort with access to Henri Freycinet Harbour. Once part of a pastoral station, this area now has accommodation... Read More

Shell Beach

Shell Beach is just off the Shark Bay Road 44km from Denham and 84km from the North West Coastal Highway. As the name implies the beach at Shell Beach is... Read More

South Peron

South Peron is flanked by Hamelin Pool on one side and Henri Freycinet Harbour on the other. This landscape of low shrubland on red sand dunes was part of the... Read More

Coquina (Shell Block) Quarry

Shark Bay is home to a tiny cockle, Fragum erugatum, so prolific in Hamelin Pool and L’haridon Bight that in some places they have compacted and cemented into solid masses... Read More

Old Telegraph Station

The Hamelin Pool Telegraph Station was built in 1884. An important link in the telegraph line between Perth and Roebourne it was originally named the Flint Cliff Telegraph Station after... Read More