Schools Program

A curriculum based  schools package for years one to six is now available for download here and is based on the Dirk Hartog Island National Park Return to 1616 Ecological Restoration Project .

Teachers can also find Return to 1616 year nine education materials on the Science Teachers’ Association of Western Australia website

Other learning resources

School Holidays Activities

  • Print out and play the Return to 1616 card game Wild Challenge.  Have fun while you learn about the animals being returned to Dirk Hartog Island National Park.
  • Colour in the four animals that have already been translocated to Dirk Hartog Island National park including the:

rufous hare-wallaby, banded hare-wallaby, dibbler  and Shark Bay bandicoot

  • Colour in animals, that will be returned to the island over the next few years including the:

chuditch, boodie, greater stick-nest rat, mulgara, Shark Bay mouse, western grasswren and woylie