The Shark Bay World Heritage Advisory Committee provides advice to the Minister for the Environment and the Environment Protection Heritage Council on matters relating to:

  1. Protection, conservation, presentation and management of the Property from the view point of the community.
  2. Research priorities which contribute to the protection and conservation of the Property and understanding of its natural history.
  3. New information or developments relevant to protection, conservation or presentation of the Property.
  4. The scientific basis of management principles and practices.
  5. Legislative processes for environmental assessment.
  6. The maintenance of outstanding universal values and integrity of the Property.

If you have a development or tourism proposal either within or adjacent to the World Heritage Property, please use the guidelines and information in the following documents when preparing your proposal:

The committee also has input into the drafting and review of management plans. Committee members from 27 May 2020 are:

Phillip Scott, Chair

Professor Diana Walker, Science/technical

        Dr Libby Mattiske, Science/Technical

Vacant, Science/Technical

Grant Donald, Broader Community

Laura Gray, Broader community

Brendon Bellottie, Indigenous

Carrissa Bellottie, Indigenous

Geoffrey Wardle, Local community

Elisabeth McLellan, Local community

Julianne Bush, Local community