There are many places in Shark Bay where pets are not permitted or are only allowed under certain conditions. These are summarized below. Guide dogs with visually impaired people are exceptions and are permitted in areas managed by Parks and Wildlife. Be aware that poison baits are scattered throughout areas where pets are not permitted.

Restricting dogs and cats in national parks and reserves is for the protection of native wildlife and consideration of other park users. A 1080 poison baiting program is underway to control feral cats and foxes because of their devastating impacts on native species. The 1080 poison used does not harm native wildlife but is lethal to dogs and cats. Warning signs are placed prominently around baited areas and there is a 5km buffer zone around Denham.

Pets are permitted in Denham but restricted elsewhere:

  • Dogs are not permitted in Francois Peron National Park, Dirk Hartog Island, Edel Land including Steep Point, and Hamelin Pool Marine Nature Reserve (stromatolite carpark and boardwalk).
  • Dogs are permitted at Hamelin Pool Telegraph Station.
  • Dogs are allowed in the Monkey Mia Resort area but only on a lead. They are not permitted in the dolphin experience area.
  • Dogs are permitted on a lead in the carpark at Shell Beach. They are not allowed on the beach.
  • Dogs are permitted on lead at the Wooramel Coast sites.
  • Dogs are permitted at the recreation sites on South Peron but baiting for foxes occurs outside designated recreation sites so keep to the main tourist sites.