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History Fact Sheets

Shark Bay early explorers fact sheet link

Francois Peron fact sheet link

The history of Bernier and Dorre Islands

Bernier and Dorre Island's intriguing history, from its role as an Aboriginal hospital to an important nature reserve is all here.

Shark Bay's Early Explorers

Check out this fact sheet on Shark Bay's early maritime explorers from Dirk Hartog to Henry Denham.

Who was Francois Peron?

The life of the fascinating naturalist and explorer Francois Peron is explained in this fact sheet!

Shipwreck of Shark Bay fact sheet link

Gudrun shipwreck fact sheet link Zuytdorp shipwreck fact sheet link

Shipwrecks of Shark Bay

For a brief description of all the shipwrecks known to have been wrecked in the waters of Shark Bay click here.

The Gudrun Shipwreck

Was the Gudrun sunk by a member of its own crew? Click here to find out!

The Zuytdorp Shipwreck

Were there survivors from the Zuytdorp shipwreck who integrated with the local indigenous people? Click here to find out!


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